Molenhof - 2022
11.000 m2

Residential care

For this new residential project in downtown of Maastricht, we used interior design to bring light and warmth. Built next by some watermills, the interior design is clearly inspired by natural fabrics of the region, such as bricks, wood and concrete for a modern touch. This senior living project (WZC) starts with a welcome desk that gives you straight the overall level of the interior architecture’s intention. This is not a hotel; this is much more. The restaurant design is, as always when we deal with this size of residential building, divided in a few smaller areas, always very cozy and valorizing.

We had a specific focus on the fitness room. We wanted it innovative, federator, and inviting. It will be open to residents as well as the staff. A multi-generational space, alive, and spreading a healthy dynamic to everyone.